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How To Machine Sew Sticky Fabrics

The shiny-like and sticky fabrics can bring back fond memories of many people. They appear around our houses. They are on kitchen chairs but don’t sit there for too long though, they can make you sweat. They can make nice tablecloths or appliance covers.

They are common in the house not because they have intricate designs or something. The real reason is that they are easy to clean. These fabrics are handy in a household that has small children.

To sew these fabrics, you need to set your machine right. By the way, recently I found a really good review of best starter sewing machine for beginners here. So that if you want to know more of the options out there, you can check it out right away.

How to sew sticky fabrics on a sewing machine

Please note that in this article, I took laminated cotton as an example. Most of the tips I am about to share can be used for the majority of fabrics, except for the needle.

If you intend to use something like a piece of thick oilcloth, you may want to make use of larger and longer needles. Remember to test everything on a piece of cloth before sewing on your fabrics.

Choose The Right Stitches

When it comes to sticky fabrics, simple stitches are the best option. When sewing, you want to use a longer stitch setting than with other types of fabrics.

The length I recommend is 3.0 to 3.5mm.

Choose The Right Foot

Sewing machines are often sold with some feet as standard. Before you visit a shop to buy a foot for sticky fabric, check what you have already had. If there is any foot you don’t know how to use, do a little research to find out. You may have a foot that can handle laminate fabric without you knowing it.

What I use is the Image best sewing machine for beginners reviewed at and I’m really happy with this machine.

My machine comes with an Ultraglide foot. It is made from a type of resin that allows it to “glide” on the fabric surface without accidentally picking up the piece. It pairs with a needle plate that can further assist me with sticky fabrics.

It's important to choose the right sewing feet

Another option I have is a Roller foot. As the name indicates, it has a roller that can guide the fabrics through the machine without sticking to it.

And now, the one I love the most, my walking foot. It has another set of feed dog so the upside and downside of the fabric will be fed at the same pace. This one is handy with sticky fabrics and so many others, like silk or quilting.

In case you are on a tight budget and cannot afford these feet, a cheaper option I know is to stick a piece of masking tape under your regular foot. With this cheap tip, even an easy to use sewing machine for beginners can handle sticky fabrics.