About Sunveil

"The Sunscreen that Never Wears Off!"           Since 1986.

Sun-protective clothing starts with Sunveil, and always has. We've been manufacturing award-winning UV-protection clothes, hats, and accessories for 30 years now, and are the trusted pioneers of UPF fashion trends. We got our start back in 1986, long before sun awareness was an ongoing concern. As the first company ever to offer a full range of wearable sun-protection products, our goal has always been to provide sun-sensitive consumers with superior sunwear fashions that allow everyone to enjoy the warmth and brightness of a summer’s day.

2021 marked our milestone 35th anniversary; we are proud to say that our sun-protective clothing is still the coolest, most lightweight, and most effective sun wear on the market. Each garment, hat, and accessory is still hand tailored and hand designed right here in Ontario, Canada, just as it was over two decades ago. Sunveil products are made to the highest industry standards, (some compare the quality to that of couture) and henceforth, made to last. In fact, our beautifully tailored hats and clothes are so durable that some customers have actually been wearing the same piece for as long as we've been in business!

The idea for Sunveil clothing originated from a need expressed by sun and heat sensitive golfers wanting to protect themselves from UV radiation while also enjoying their favourite outdoor activity, and without the need for constant re-application of sunscreen lotions. It didn’t take long for the amazingly effective, lightweight, and breathable clothing with such a unique look to catch on with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Before long, Sunveil blossomed into the world’s first complete line of sun-protective clothes, sun hats, and accessories that could be found on men, women, and children out on the hiking trails and tennis courts, at the beach or on the boat, and in backyard pools and gardens.

As the sunblock clothing market began to grow in the mid 90's, Sunveil got onboard the original ASTM D13.65 committee—the program responsible for recommending industry standards for sun-protection clothes—with an interest toward regulating the sun-protective clothing industry and consumer safety. Sunveil is still an enthusiastic advocate of sun safety and awareness, representing a lifestyle that fuses a fun-in-the-sun attitude with a sun-smart approach to fashion. Along with providing full-coverage sun-protective clothing for the whole family, we continue to endeavour to help educate consumers about solar safety, and important issues such as:

  • Sun protection and skin protection
  • The dangers of over-exposure to UVA and UVB rays, including melanoma and other skin cancers
  • Medical and health issues that are associated with or aggravated by sun exposure 

Today, Sunveil is the venerable "grandparent" of Sun Protection Apparel. We were the first in the world to invent this category of specialized sportswear, and we remain one of the world’s most highly respected sun-protection clothing companies.  We are proud to be a part of your sun-smart lifestyle choice, and look forward to being your continued source for information, news, trends, and as always, trusted sun-protective clothes for the whole family.