The Many Benefits of Sunveil’s Sun Protection

Durable, Lightweight, and Proven Sunwear

Sunveil clothing and accessories are made with the most effective, cool, and featherweight sun-protective materials in the world. Throughout our 30-plus year history, customers have come to rely on our sun wear for UV protection, and many of the different fashions in the line were created or improved thanks to the requests of customers looking to help us perfect the coverage capabilities and versatility of our sunblock clothing. Many of the customers who come to us are battling health issues like melanoma, sun allergies, lupus, Porphyria, and other medical problems that are exacerbated by sun exposure. Since the beginning, Sunveil has been a dependable source for sun-protection clothing that allows everyone to enjoy life in the sunny outdoors.

With that in mind, our garments are always designed with complete coverage in mind, to minimize exposure to UV rays for even the most at-risk. Sunveil clothes can be worn on their own as lightweight sportswear, as companions to other summer fashions, or as swim wear overtop of bathing suits and trunks. And what’s more, the fabric is just as effective a bug repellent and mosquito net as it is sunscreen!

Our proprietary fabrics have been specially engineered for long-lasting UV protection that does not fade over time. Our materials have been independently tested using ASTM standards to ensure that they provide the highest quality sun protection from the most lightweight textiles possible, and customers have come to trust our sun-smart clothing and accessories for their incredible quality, and their unbelievable ability to protect even the most sensitive skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. At Sunveil Sunwear, we have always prided ourselves on quality, on pioneering the trends in UV-protective clothing, and on staying ahead of the curve on sun safety. 

Made in Canada with the Highest Quality

One of the few sun-protective products on the market to be designed, cut, and tailored by hand in Canada, Sunveil clothing features single-needle tailoring, and is durable, breathable, and effective. It will last through years upon years of washing and wearing, does not require re-application, and is more cost-effective and convenient than sunscreen lotions.