Stock Levels and Ordering Information

We regret that our inventory system is not linked to our website, so our shopping cart cannot inform customers if items are in stock, out of stock, or in production.

Email Order Confirmations Customers will receive a full email confirmation ( not necessarily the same day when order is placed, and /or at least 2 business days after, if an order is placed during weekends ) and during busy season between May to August, this may take up to 5 business days, verifying the details of their order. As our confirmation system is "manually" entered (by real people) that proof-read all customer-entered data fields, we ask you to carefully review your confirmation once received. On occasion, a customer may miss certain address details or phone numbers etc., which will cause shipping & processing errors.  If after more than a full business week you have not received a full confirmation, please check your "spam" folder as on rare occasions, it has been sent to you but your computer settings may mis-direct this important response to the wrong folder, or, your email server may block incoming messages that 'appear to be spam' via their network firewall.  The confirmation will issue an approximate (not guaranteed) estimate of delivery. It may also advise that your item(s) may currently be out of stock or in production.  In this, we will let you know your order status. Please note that as a rule, we will wait until an order is complete before shipping it. If you wish a "partial shipment", you may advise us of this to expedite your receipt, but may incur additional shipping charges.

If you would like to know whether specific items are in stock before you order, please feel free to contact us before ordering online.

About our PayPal Shopping Cart processing system:

Our Sunveil Online Catalogue employs the use of PayPal when you checkout with your cart.  You don't need to be a member of PayPal, and you don't need to subscribe to their service

Similar to an online secured banking system, PayPal accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and others. If for some reason, PayPal does not accept your card, you will have to call them for assistance. PayPal is a high-security site, and their accounts (including Sunveil) are are not privy to, nor do they receive any details as to your method of purchase.

After you have made your Sunveil Purchase, you will receive a confirmation ticket directly from PayPal, including a "transaction number" unique only to you.  Note: We do Not receive a copy of your transaction number - therefore if you have a question about your order, please only quote the exact date of the purchase, the value amount, and the name/email of the person entered into the "ship/deliver to" fields on your order.

You will receive a manually entered, return email confirmation (with a copy of your order as we received it) from Sunveil, within 48 hours to two days or more after a weekend - from your date of purchase.  On occasion, the PayPal module we use to send your confirmation - may be construed by your email server as "spam email" and instead, place it in your trash folder if your security settings are set high. It may also, not pass through your remote ISP server if they modify their firewall settings from time to time. This is a problem not unique to PayPal, but also Amazon and Ebay among many others. If this is the case, contact us and we will try to resend your confirmation, including a copy of the order you placed as we received it.

Note: Re / the PayPal System of "Disputes" and "Claims" that a customer may issue pertinent to a purchase occurring from "items not yet received or delayed" or other reasons:  It is always best to contact us first to resolve any order questions, either by calling and leaving a quality-clear voicemail following our voicemail message protocol described on our "Contact us" page, by our toll-free: 800-565-0585 or by email: (preferred) on our contact us page - as packages rarely go missing. This is the same, if you wish to return an item for exchange or refund, and we will issue you by email, an authorization number along with other details.  If you place your order late in the season (after mid-April to the beginning of August) you may experience a lengthy delay in receiving your items as many styles are extremely popular and become out of stock quickly.  This necessitates a constant, seasonal replenishment by our local contract sewers.

Sunveil is highly respected as a venerable 30 year old company, with a flawless history of resolving issues quickly.  If for whatever reason, you bypass the reasonable effort of contacting us first, and, instead go directly to PayPal to issue a "dispute" of non-receipt, then you are responsible for "closing" that dispute case in PayPal once your items are received.  In some cases, if we find that we cannot comply with a customer "deadline" for delivery, Sunveil will choose to issue a full refund via PayPal, and this will close the file, delete the transaction and original order. If the customer still wishes to receive the merchandise, they will have to place an entirely new order again with Sunveil, as the original transaction will be deleted.  However, if you are impatient, and decide to "accelerate the dispute to a Claim" - Sunveil will therefore, assume the right to regard this action as an abuse of process, and instead consider this action a request for "Cancellation" of your order whether your intent or not - and we will refund your purchase via PayPal, to immediately close the matter. Your charge will be fully refunded and Sunveil and PayPal will be absolved of any further responsibility.  Your order and (any current or previous email and address contact information) in the Sunveil records will be flagged and/or purged. The same will hold true, if we receive a notification from PayPal indicating you have bypassed their processing system and instead issue a "Chargeback" via your Credit Card company - Sunveil will immediately cancel your order and issue a refund. Your account will be closed, and the possible event of any future orders will be rejected by our system.  It is important to note: "Claims and Chargebacks" issued through a PayPal system may create a "flag" on your future credit card purchases on other, non-related retail websites not affiliated with Sunveil (such as Ebay) that employ a PayPal checkout programme, and you may incur difficulties in completing your future transactions with other organizations that utilize PayPal shopping cart modules.

Sizing Information

Sunveil clothing fits very generously, and each style does have a unique fit. Especially in our traditional Suntex fabric, our garments are designed to be worn overtop of regular summer apparel, and have been sized with this in mind. Consequently, customers almost always require at least one size smaller in our clothing than they do with regular garments.

Where available, we have provided the actual garment dimensions for specific items in the style descriptions. For sun-protection hats and accessories, or clothing where specific dimensions are not listed, please feel free to contact us prior to ordering, or refer to our size chart.