Welcome to the Sunveil FAQ! Below you will find a list of the questions asked most often by customers about sun protection and our sun-protective products.

Q: How is Sunveil clothing sized

A: Sunveil clothing is designed with a generous cut, and fits much larger than regular fashions. Please consult our sizing charts for more in-depth information about sizing.

Q: Can Sunveil clothing be worn in the water?

A: Yes, Sunveil clothing and accessories can be worn in the water, and while they are not specifically designed as independent swim wear, they can be worn as UV-protective cover-ups over regular bikinis, swimsuits, and swimwear clothing for men. Sunveil has been comfortably worn by adults and children in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans, and dries incredibly quickly, making it amphibious sun-protection that the whole family can wear! It is important to note, however, that while Sunveil is chlorine resistant, chlorine residue can cause a yellow discolouration over time (especially on lighter colours), so we recommend washing any garments within 24 hours of being worn in chlorinated water.

 Q: Is it waterproof or windproof?

A: No. While Sunveil clothing and accessories can be worn over a swimsuit and provide excellent protection against UV radiation, they are not designed to combat any other elements. Similarly, since Sunveil clothing is designed with a weave that allows air to pass through, our sun wear is incredibly cool to wear.

Q: How long will my Sunveil sun wear last? Is it durable?

A: Sunveil fashions are made to last, and will hold up to years of sun smart outdoor use. They are all made with an incredibly strong and durable polyester-based polymer resin that is so strong that a single strand of yarn can actually “pull an average sized adult on roller blades!” When properly cared for (please see How do I wash and care for Sunveil products?),Sunveil’s sun wear can provide a decade of safe and reliable sun protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Q: Will the protection wash out over time? 

A: The sun-protective qualities that make Sunveil clothing so effective come from a combination of the weave of the fabric, the complexity of the yarn, the dying and finishing processes, and a UV-inhibiting polymer resin that is added molecularly during the creating of the yarn. Since it is the design of the fabric itself that creates the UV-protection qualities (and not a chemical washed into the fabric), the sunblock features of the material do not wash out. Many Sunveil customers have enjoyed over a decade of wear from a single garment, though we do recommend replacing Sunveil clothing and accessories every few years.

Q: Where is Sunveil clothing made? Where does the fabric come from?

A: All Sunveil clothing is made at our head office manufacturing plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The proprietary fabrics we use to make our UPF fashions are made in Europe, with colourants, polymers, and resins originating from Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Germany.

Q: Does the fabric shrink?

A: No. Since Sunveil’s sunwear is made from a polyester-based fabric, the clothes do not shrink.

Q: How do I wash and care for Sunveil products?

A: Sunveil products are very easy to care for, but please be sure to wash them frequently with a strong detergent (like Tide, for example). For aggressive stains, a booster like (Oxyclean) is helpful also.  "Fine fabric" detergents (like Zero and Ivory Snow) are not aggressive enough to remove tough dirt and oil stains, and an accumulation of these substances (especially sunscreen lotions) and body oil can cause a grey or yellow discolouration, and possibly decrease the sun-reflective and absorption properties of the fabric over time. Do not bleach or dry clean Sunveil clothing, and if you wear sunblock in conjunction with the garments or accessories, or wear them in chlorinated water, please wash within 24 hours. Please see below for more specific care instructions:

  • Suntex* sun hats: hand wash with strong detergent in hot water. Drip dry or dry flat on a table. If desired, iron on medium setting for touch-ups
  • Suntex protective clothing:Be sure to close any Velcro closures before washing, and then hand wash or machine wash on delicate or gentle cycle (either separately or in a garment bag to prevent fabric pilling) in hot water. Hang to dry. Ironing is not required, but use a low temperature setting when desired
  • Suvant* sun hats:hand wash in lukewarm water (30˚C). Roll in a towel to absorb excess moisture and drip dry
  • Suvant protective clothes:hand wash in lukewarm water and hang to dry

*To determine if your Sunveil clothes are from the Suntex or Suvant series, please visit our Suntex and Suvant Fabrics page.

Q: Will fabric softeners, cleaning agents, dry cleaning, Deet, or bleach harm the fabric?

                A: While fabric softeners and most household cleaning agents are safe to use on Sunveil fashions, we do not recommend dry cleaning or the use of bleach. Similarly, DEET has been known to deteriorate plastic-based materials like polyester, so we recommend avoiding contact between Sunveil clothing/garments and insect repellents containing this product.

Q: Does your traditional Suntex fabric really work as a bug repellant as well?

A: Yes. The UV-protective clothing and accessories in our Suntex line are made with a loose and ventilated design, and the relaxed fit in combination with the gauze-like nature of the fabric make it an excellent bug repellant, especially for insects like the mosquito and black fly.

Q: I can see right through the fabric: does it really provide effective sun protection?

`               A: Yes! One of the greatest features about Sunveil UV clothing is that the garments are unbelievably cool, breathable, and lightweight, and even though you can see through the fabric, you are still getting excellent protection from sun exposure. 

Q: What is a UPF rating?

                A:Materials and textiles like those employed by Sunveil are given what is called a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating, which is a measure of the amount of protection a material provides from UVA and UVB rays. If a fabric has a UPF rating of 40, for example, then the clothing will only allow 1/40th of the UV radiation to pass through. UPF ratings correspond to a percentage of UV rays being blocked, and are categorized as follows:

  • A UPF of 15-24 blocks 93.3-95.9% of UV rays
  • A UPF of 25-39 blocks 96-97.4 % of UV rays
  • A UPF of 40-49 blocks 97.5% or more of UV rays
  • A UPF of 50+ blocks the most UV rays possible

Q: What is the UPF rating on Sunveil fabric?

                A: Sunveil’s Suvant fabric colours provide the following ratings:

  • White and oyster – UPF 30
  • Marine, toffee, violet, and iris – UPF 40
  • Sage and poppy – UPF 50+

In regards to our traditional Suntex fabric, colour and styling are important features to consider. Since darker colours absorb more UV rays, clothes made in those colours (such as navy) perform better as sunblock clothing. Similarly, multiple layers will provide a higher UV protection, meaning that Suntex fashions perform best as UV-protection clothing when they are made from a dark colour, and where there is a double layer (a feature included on all our hats, and on the backs and shoulders of all shirts and jackets). Through their fabrication—including multiple layering and fusing agents—certain Suntex fashions in dark colours can afford a UPF rating as high as 40, and a single layer of a lighter colour may render a UPF of 15.

Q: Is it cool to wear?

                A: Yes. All Sunveil clothes and accessories are featherweight and breezy, and are very cool to wear. Sunveil’s sun wear products are the most lightweight UV-protective clothes on the market, and are so comfortable and weightless that people forget they are wearing them! Also, our latest Suvant fabric is equipped with a moisture wicking feature as well, which will keep you both cool and dry in hot and humid weather.

Q: Has the fabric been tested to prove that it works?

A: Yes. Sunveil fabrics have been tested for their ability to block UVA and UVB rays, and proven effective by the International UV Testing Laboratories, an accredited and independent laboratory that specializes in UV testing on textiles and fabrics. 

Q: Do I have to wear sunscreen with Sunveil clothing?

A: Sunveil clothing only protects from UV exposure on the areas covered by our sunwear, so it is advisable to take other precautions (such as wearing sunscreen and sunglasses) on areas that are still exposed to UV rays. Also, please be sure to consult a medical professional if you have any medical conditions that are caused or aggravated by sun exposure, as you may require a higher degree of sun protection, which could be provided by either our high-UPF Suvant line, or our Suntex line of products in conjunction with other sun-protection measures.  Customers who do choose to wear sunscreen as a sun-protective booster are advised to ensure that the lotion is fully absorbed into the skin before putting on any Sunveil product, and washing the garments and accessories within 24 hours of wearing to prevent a yellowing discolouration and oil accumulation.