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PlayerSX: A New Way to Play Fantasy Sports


PlayerSX is a place where die-hard daily fantasy football fans and sports nuts get to live their dream to become a manager of their own dream team. If you have always dreamed of being the brains behind the best team the sports world has ever known, try it for yourself in fantasy sports. Test your strategic skills and scrutinize each and every player in your fantasy team to make up a winning combination. Play all the sports you love in one place may it be basketball, football, baseball, or all of them if you can! Build your dream team and get to see them compete and perform in the game and feel like a real sports manager.
Not only that, PlayerSX also provides a few more features that will surely transform how you usually play fantasy sports. We offer further features which enable you to buy, sell or trade your favorite athletes just like stocks on a stock market. Experience daily cash payouts or Season-long markets where you get to scale the frequency of play to your preference. We also made season-long, daily and other playing options with cross-sport trading available as well. Currently, fantasy baseball and hockey games are available for the season and daily markets. If you feel like starting a dream team that can possibly become the star of your favorite sports, take the leap and try it for yourself. Visit us and start building your team at